Can someone please tell me where in the world a whole year has gone?! I blinked and the next thing I know, there’s this little person standing in front of me and my baby is gone. I still can’t believe we have a one year old in the house.

One full year around the sun for Miss Wallace Anne and what a year it has been. She has been the absolute shining light to the year that was 2020 and she is definitely her Momma and Papa’s whole world. The baby that made me a Mama has grown into this amazing little person, with her own personality, quirks and ticks. She now runs around the house full speed, little tip toes on the tile floors and giggles erupting around corners. She can say Mom and Dad, of course her next word was Hank (are we really surprised by this, no) and now she even knows what the cow says. Mooooooo.

While this year has had it challenges, raising babies during a pandemic is no joke people, it has also been full of some of the most amazing memories and moments. From first giggles, to first crawls, first words to first steps, and all the moments between that melted our hearts and made us smile with joy. Leaving the hospital with Wallace in tow in her car seat was such a crazy feeling. Here we were brand new parents with really no idea what we were getting ourselves into and they just let us walk on out of the hospital with this precious little newborn babe.

Those first few weeks were hard. As we navigated new routines and the changes of life with a baby. Sleepless nights, early mornings, constant feedings, gas, dirty diapers, the list goes on and on. But we survived! There were smiles, and coos, falling asleep with you on our chests or snuggled between us, those moments that gave us hope and let us know we were doing things right.

We may not have had the year I imagined as a new Mom, but we made the most out of the year we were given. While we may not have had to opportunity for visits with family and friends, we spent a lot of time together as a new little family of three. Life slowed down around us, there was no longer the hurry and bustle and stress of being here and there. Dan was home for the majority of the summer with us, as we worked around the farm and settled into this new life.

Now here we are, a year later. Thriving and surviving and getting through the day to day together. I miss my family more than words could ever even describe. Little did I know that when they got on the plane a year ago, it would be the last time we got to see them for over a year. I didn’t know that they would miss out on the whole first year of Wallace’s life, getting to see her through video chats and photos sent back and forth. But not being able to do anything about it, we adapted and we made the most of the moments we could. Thank goodness for technology people!

Wallace’s first birthday party was a quiet affair, guest list three: Mom, Dad and the birthday girl. I had ordered in advance a little cake and cookies to celebrate, and Whisk Bakery in Drayton Valley delivered! Wallace’s cake and cookies exceeded my expectations and were absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention they fit our theme perfectly. Never having had sweets before, Wallace wasn’t too sure what to think of icing and cake at first, but it wasn’t long until, with the help of Dad, she was digging right in.

Donning her birthday crown, wearing her new birthday shirt and sitting in a throne made for a special little queen bee, Wallace Anne was the cutest little Bee-Day girl you ever did see. One day we’ll look back at these moments, and we’ll laugh, we’ll cry and we’ll be filled with joy. So even though it was a small affair, it was the only way I would have had it this year!

As a birthday gift, Dan and I purchased a wooden Ikea play kitchen. Before assembling we had to make some customizations of course! We purchased the most perfect bee themed wallpaper and colour matched our paint to go along with our theme. Painting panels out in the man room after Wallace had gone to bed at night was how we got this project finished. I think her little toothy grin says it all, she loves her little kitchenette. And what little girl wouldn’t, I think I need one of my own! I look forward to adding in all the fun accessories, foods and items as she grows with her little play area.

Starting this new year with Wallace gives us something to be thankful for in a world that is still a little crazy. We look forward to all the memories to come, as seasons change and we are no longer cooped up in the house. I can’t wait to explore the farm and meet all the animals up close and personal this year with our baby girl.