Here on the farm in June the wild rose bushes are in full bloom, their sweet fragrance wafting through the yard on a breeze or sitting heavy in the air on a hot day. Their light blush and bright pink blooms fill the edges of the yard and the treelines with bursts of colour. The wild rose is actually the Provincial flower for Alberta and grows in great abundance around the countryside in our area.

Three years ago, after some reading and research, I decided to try making my own Rose Water from the bountiful flowers around our property. Rose water can be made from wild roses, rose bushes from the garden or, if none of these options are available to you, commercially grown roses from your local florist. Be sure to check where the flowers from your florist are coming from and that they haven’t been treated before proceeding with this option!

Picking petals is almost therapeutic for me; hiding in the foliage of the bush, crouched to the ground, nose to nose with bumble bees and spiders hiding amongst the blooms. When picking petals I like to leave one petal per flower still attached. This ensures that the flower will still produce it’s rosehip bud later in the season.

Wondering how to make your own?

  • Collect fresh petals.
  • Rinse with cold water to wash away any bugs or pests.
  • Put the petals into a small pot, adding water to just cover the petals.
  • Heat over a low heat, making sure to not let the water come to a boil. A boil will cause the properties of the petals to be destroyed, and will alter the colour of your water.
  • Heat for 20 minutes, or until the colour has left the petals.
  • Strain off and store in a jar in the fridge for up to two weeks.

So what are the benefits to using Rose Water?

When the Summer season rolls around each year, Rose Water becomes an essential in my morning and evening beauty regime. I keep a small spray bottle of rose water on the counter in my bathroom that I use to spray my face and neck with after cleaning in the morning and before bed each night. Why do you ask?

Rose water has shown to help balance the skins pH levels while also controlling oil. If you’re anything like me in the Summer, most days are spent outside in the sunshine; hot, sweaty and often dirty from playing in the garden or flower beds. Using sunscreen makes my skin extra oily, and nobody wants a summer acne breakout! Oil control is key for me, as well as reducing redness and inflammation from irritants like dust, dirt and pollen. Rose water also helps to add moisture back to the skin and has been shown to help with anti-aging properties. Since I turned 29 for the second time this year, I’ve noticed my skin changing and added it as just another reason I need rose water in my life.

Any other curly girls out there battle with their hair all Summer long like me, fighting humidity and heat and those little frizzies? Of course you can also use rose water as a natural conditioner. Rose water helps to revitalize hair growth (yes please after my post-partum hair loss) and also acts to treat any scalp inflammation or dandruff.

Aside from all the health benefits rose water has for your skin and hair, the fragrance also has benefits. Known to lift spirits and help to enhance moods, it can help to reduce anxiety. I know this tired Mama sometimes needs a little pick me up! A little spritz on a pillow before bed or applying to the wrists throughout the day are all ways to benefit from the smell of roses.

Have I sold you yet on the benefits of rose water?

If nothing else, collecting the flowers and petals and adding them into a nice refreshing bath after a long Summer day is what every girl needs. Just ask Wallace, she can attest!