That which is wild moves to its own law,
always changing, always hot, cheating death.
I learned early I was a cold girl – nothing more,
unyielding, fixed – unreachable, unchangeable.
A being like me wilts in the sun –
leave me in my winter,
here I am powerful.

The cold moves it’s way into my body. Lifts the hairs on my arms,15876905_1705023153121477_7999731159825121280_n brings on a shiver. I watch at the snow falls silently from the sky, hitting the ground and covering it like a blanket made of white. I watch the birds out the window as they fall and rise, bob and land. Sifting through the snow and dirt for left over seeds and grit. The blue jays perch on the railing, sweeping down to collect tidbits of dog food left from the girls breakfast. The Whiskey Jacks take note from their branches in the Spruce trees. The yard is alive. 16463952_1197454810375447_1399448031782240256_n

After a deceiving week of warm temperatures and melting snow, of sunshine and spring vibes, Winter has come back to us. The ground which had thawed and turned to brown, is now disappearing once again to white. And the cold….

16464649_1839814536306431_7017616033519239168_nWinter will soon run its course. Come to it’s end. Spring will greet us with her warm open arms. Winter coats will be stored back into closets with boots and mitts. They will be replaced with rubber boots, rain slicker coats and sweat shirts. And of course everything will be generously covered in mud, especially here on the farm. The season of MUD.

Until then, it’s time for finishing up those winter projects. For enjoying the last of winters beauty before the thaw. Here on the farm we have managed to stay busy busy even with the changes Mother Nature has thrown our way.

Last week we took advantage of the warm weather to get the donkeys out of their pen and out for a little stroll. They do so well on their leads that we took them for a walk out back. Come summer I am sure we wont even need the leads, that they will just follow us about the yard. Until then, our little evening strolls are fun and even Lily comes along. Everyone is getting along so well.

My little donkey’s are just the sweetest. Deuce is always looking for hugs and head scratches, and my quiet little Prince has come so far as well. He loves a scratch behind the ears, carrots treats and a little handful of sweet feed from time to time. I can’t wait for summer and all the fun we will have with these two!

The warmer weather had everyone wishing for Spring, including the pigs and chickens. Everyone was out and about the coop, venturing out to the run for bread treats and even getting in sun bathing. Poor George is welcoming the warmth after his long winter battle with frostbite. It was our first winter with chickens who have big combs and it was a learning experience. George unfortunately got the worst, and will lose all the spikes off of his comb. I am sure the ladies will still love him!

And we can’t forget about the three little pigs! After a nail trim, some warmer weather and lots of loving these boys have come leaps and bounds from when we picked them up from the rescue last summer. Tui is still bossy, but he loves a back scratch and any kind of treat you offer. Pudge is more and more curious, meeting us at the gate for feeding and even allowing a snout scratch here and there. While Oscar is still a little shy, he is doing so well. He no longer runs away when you come close, he will stand right beside you. And while he isn’t one for pets, he will gladly take a treat from your hand.

With the disappearing of winter comes the knowing that soon the time for wood fires will also be coming to an end. So I have been cramming in as many as possible when the weather drops enough to permit it. Sitting by the wood fire knitting has been my winter comfort. I have managed to finish a couple of projects. I attempted my first couple of toques, knit a blanket for a friends anniversary present and am back on the dishcloth train. Getting prepared already for next years gifting season!

We bottled our newest wine, a Riesling ice style wine. So we stuck with our theme and called it the Mad Albert Frostbite Ice Wine. We tried out some new labels and they were a hit. We will be using them again for sure! We spent a Valentine’s day at home relaxing, cooked a nice meal of stuffed venison backstraps and just enjoyed the company of having each other. I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life and couldn’t be happier that I get to marry my best friend. I finished up the tanning and curing of my rabbit pelt and was able to put it out on display. It was nowhere near perfect, but for my first try I will take it. I know more than when I started and can carry that with me for next season.

And to help with the spring urges, our seed order arrived in the mail and we have already began planning for our 2017 Garden! We have did some rearranging with our layouts, added a few different veggies and herbs and are hoping to add some berries to our crop this year for our own wine making. We look so forward to the summer months and tending to the garden. It wont be long before we are starting our seeds in the house and getting the greenhouse ready to go!


So as we watch winter start to fade away, we appreciate it in all its beauty, in all it has brought to us and all it will hold in store for us for next year!