November was a busy month for us here on the farm; with hunting season, baby showers and getting ready for the winter months. Now we find ourselves in December, and I am wondering where this year has gone?! I guess 2016 has just flown right by us.

Winter has arrived for the long haul. There is snow on the ground and a chill in the air, well okay lets be honest the temperature outside today is reading -16 degrees Celsius, that’s a little more frigid than a “chill”. We are in for it now for the next four months.

The animals have been bedded down for the cold. img_20161125_161532We wrapped the outside run of the coop with plastic wrap to help block the wind and hold in heat. On days when it isn’t too too chilly out they will still have access to their outdoor enclosure. They must be settling in better and getting over their moult as we are finally getting more than maybe one egg a day. I will take the three eggs a day! img_20161127_183120 The pigs also are ready for the cold. We stuffed the Pig Haus full of fresh, dry straw for them to bed down in. With the mud flap over the door and the three of them snuggling, the insulated house does a good job of staying cozy warm. They’ve also all grown in their winter hairs and looks so hairy.


We added a little Christmas spirit outside this year, as we found some wreaths hiding in one of our outside sheds. The posts I usually hang my bird feeders and butterfly houses on in the summer now each have a wreath, as well as one on the front of the Chicken Shed. Even the animals get to feel a little festive this year.

This past Saturday was spent putting the final touches on the house outside. We were able to get up our Christmas lights on the house, with minimal frustrations and angry words. I did up my first Christmas “urn” using an old milk can from my father in law and some fresh greenery. My Momma would be proud, although it is nowhere near as beautiful as her creations are. I also spent a couple evenings turning some old barn board we had into some Christmas signs, which I placed by the front door and above our entertainment stand in the living room. For a first time go, they didn’t turn out too terrible.

Inside the house, Christmas is in full swing. With old antique decorations, to some new hand made wooden signs, the only thing we are missing is our tree! We will get out one night this week after work to pick out the perfect one for our home from our very own backyard. I am so excited to be able to do that this year. I would have never pictured being able to pluck a tree off my own land for Christmas! We will spend an evening decorating, making our very own Eggnog for the first time and preparing for the Christmas party we are hosting here this coming weekend.

The cold weather has been the perfect excuse forimg_20161130_175308 hiding
inside and getting some last minute knitting done for Christmas. Today being my day off, and me feeling a little under the weather, there should be no reason to not get it finished. Other than the wood fire is roaring and I could easily go for a nap! I also have some new books to dive into, and whats better than a cold day spent sitting beside the fire.

Winter is also the perfect time for all my favourite eats. There is nothing better than a hot bowl of chili on a cold night. This year was the first year getting to use our meat grinder when we butchered my deer. I had never made chili with venison before, but it is now my new favourite! And who doesn’t like venison jerky?! I think this year we have perfected our recipe and our smoking technique!

Stay tuned for the 2016 Burch Christmas party pictures and of course, our Christmas tree!!!