“Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself.”


When I began college to become a Vet Tech at the age of 21, I had wanted to expand my animal experiences to large animals to help prepare me for jobs out of school. I had worked at a dairy barn, had seen chicken barns and had wanted to expand my horizons. My first summer of college I took a job at a local pig farm, working in the farrowing rooms. It was a commercial operation with 1200 sows who circulated from the breeding end of the barn, to the farrowing rooms to deliver their litters and then back to the open side of the barn. I was in charge of daily feedings, monitoring the farrowing sows, assisting with births, processing the babies and general upkeep of the barn. When I began this job, I wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into. I would come home crying, in a fit of tears. While the barn I worked at was by no means anything like the terrible videos you see on some PETA ads, it was a commercial operation.

My Dad once told me that if I had wanted to make a difference, then I needed to get involved, I needed to learn and I needed to be that change. So I kept that job for 3 years, working during the summers when school was out and coming home every other weekend for shifts. I came to love my time at the barn. The pigs all had their own unique personalities if you took the time to see it. The baby piglets absolutely warmed my heart. And while it had its unpleasant moments, I grew to have a love for pigs so large in my heart. I knew someday, my life would bring me back to pigs of my very own.

A few weeks ago I spotted a story on Facebook about a local rescue that was over whelmed by pigs needing homes. I may have told Dan, once or twice, about this rescue before he finally caved. It took us only two days to build ourselves the perfect little winterized pig house. Another two days and we had a 2200 sq ft area fenced off with hog panels. It consisted of half lawn and half bush area with the pig house tucked back between the trees. The pig house even came with a covered front porch. Part of me wanted to throw a rocking chair out front and call it my she shed.

20160712_104051Yesterday we hooked up my trailer to Ruby and we were off first thing in the morning. We arrived at the rescue and walked the pens. There were lots of pigs, a few sheep, baby goats, chickens and more! We even met a 15 year old tortoise. It was such a beautiful thing this lady was doing there at her farm. It didn’t take us long to figure out who was coming home with us.

As we walked around learning the names and stories behind the pigs we came across three brothers who we were told had been at the rescue for three years. They were a little more shy or timid compared to the others and that’s why they had been overlooked so many times.  It was then I knew they were coming home with us.

We made it back to the house, got everybody unloaded into their new forever homes and I think they are settling in quite well. It will take some time to completely gain their trust, but a few treats and back scratches should help us out there. We are so in love with out three new boys. I couldn’t be more excited to have them here with us. My pig dream has finally come true! Never ever give up on your dreams. Find someone in life who helps you and supports you to make your dreams come true. I am so lucky to have an amazing man in my life who has made my dreams of the farm life come true. I wouldn’t trade this life for any other.

So a big welcome to our three pot belly brothers: Oscar, Fudd and Tui!