It seems as though Mother Nature just can’t make up her mind this Spring. In the period of a couple of weeks we have gone from summer temperatures and sunshine, to waking up to snow on the ground, to rainy days that never end. While I cannot complain about the rain, because we so desperately needed it for the moisture we missed with the spring melt this year, I could use a little break and some sunshine to start soaking it up! We are going on day three of rain here and today they had called for up to 50mm in one go. We are starting to form a lake in our front yard! I know my gardens, flowers and seeds in the ground are appreciating it.


This mornings task was to assess the water situation in the coops and come up with a plan of action. In the baby coop (The Polish Pickup Palace) we were lucky and had only to lay out a partial bag of shavings to soak up what rain had come in through the wire sides. Fresh food, fresh flooring and a bowl of corn and peas for a tasty treat, we had some content babies!

The same could not be said for our Bigs coop. A water puddle had formed on several sides and had started to flow into the outdoor run of the coop. Silly Albert and several of his Cochin ladies were huddle underneath the coop while all the broodies were warm and safe in their nesting boxes. Dan helped and we dug out a couple trenches to help the water drain out of the run. We laid down some shavings on the higher spots so they had somewhere dry to stand and filled up the treat bowl with corn and peas. I really don’t think they’re bothered by the rain because before we even got back to the house we could see them all outside in the enclosure grazing away in the showers.

The rain hasn’t even phased our two lovely dogs who can be spotted wandering around the yard, soaking wet and muddy. They do have their large doghouse that Dan built for them, but where is the fun in that. They would much rather dig up the dirt and lay on the dry ground underneath in my flower beds. Bad dogs!