20160407_142852It was an exciting week here at the Burch house, as Mother Nature blessed us with beautiful weather, sunshine and warm temperatures. The grass is turning green, there are tulips popping up in my flower beds, and the blasted mosquitoes have made their comeback.
Dan and I have been keeping busy outside with yard work, projects and of course the chickens! We moved our little Polish into their new little Pickup Palace coop and moved the Copper Maran babies out of the laundry room into the man room attached to the garage. The Marans are growing like crazy, and what used to be my cute little fluffy butts have turned into little dinosaurs! A couple of weeks and they will be joining the Polish out in the coop.

The Polish babies are adjusting to their coop. The first couple of days we kept it closed up to let them get used to their new environment. They were a little flighty at first, but they soon settled in. They made their comfort zone in one of the bucket nesting boxes we had installed and this is where they run when startled or where we find them all nestled up sleeping.

With the weather being so nice and the temperature climbing above ten degrees, we decided we would try opening up the door between the coop and the run and seeing what happened. It took them a few minutes to figure it out, then a little while to build up the courage, but soon all the little Polish babies were out on the grass for the first time! They were so funny to watch. They have been going outside in the afternoons now for a few days and are getting braver each time. Even Lily isn’t so scary anymore, and she loves to watch the little ones, spending her afternoons sleeping beside the coop. Oh how our babies are growing up so fast!