Spring has bIMG_20160326_211314.jpgegun to sprung here at the Burch house. The snow has melted away to almost
nothing and left behind it muddy puddles and grass searching for the sunlight and warmth. The warm weather welcomed in the Easter Weekend, which we were fortunate enough to spend with Dan’s family and our friends. It wouldn’t be a feast at the Burch residence without Dan’s glazed ham and again he did not disappoint. I tried my hand at a new cheesecake recipe and it will be one to keep for sure. Who doesn’t love carrot cake and cheesecake, so of course its even better when you combine the two! It was a great afternoon spent with great company.

I got to show off my painting skills, both with the newly redone kitchen and living room, and my painting of pussy willows I did at a ladies painting night here in town. If you have the opportunity, I definitely recommend trying one out. It was a blast. A few glasses of wine, great ladies and a blank canvas and I am now an artist! Well, with a couple drinks in me I suppose I like to think so anyways. We got good reviews on our kitchen paint job and I do believe it has really brightened up the area.

Our morning today was spent getting our seeds in order for the garden and beginning to plant a few things inside. We so far have a tray of four different kinds of tomatoes, a tray of onions, leeks and shallots and a tray with peppers, snapdragons and chinese lanterns started. We are so excited for whats to come with the garden this year. Lots of ideas and plans to come! If we get half of the things to grow that we got seeds for, we are going to have one kickass garden!

This afternoon we get to go and get in some newborn baby snuggles at a close friends of ours. They welcomed their new little boy into the world this past Tuesday and I can’t wait to meet him! I hope Dan is prepared for the aftermath of new born babies in the vicinity! 😉

I hope that everyone enjoyed their long Easter Weekend. May you have your fill of food, appreciate those you are surrounded by and be thankful for life! I know I am!