This past weekend I made the trip to Edmonton to meet up with a lady I had connected with on my Facebook chicken page and picked up eight new little fluffy butt chicks! I am in love. They are a Polish breed chicken and so will end up with the big hair-do’s.

Dan being the wonderful man he is, constructed me a little brooder pen out of a Rubbermaid container. We have them in there with a little heat lamp above and they are currently situated in the laundry room (Dan didn’t even fight me on this one, he’s learning). They will stay in there until they are big enough for their own little coop and the weather improves.

I find them quite entertaining and could spend hours sitting in there with them just watching their little antics. Dan teases me because I sneak out of bed in the morning to check on them and the last thing I do before I go to bed is sneak in for a little goodnight peek. How could you not fall in love? Even he is softening up a little with them around, and he may not openly admit it, but he loves holding the little babies too!

But enough with the chatter…here’s our newest little additions! Enjoy 🙂