Moving in with someone is always an adjustment. You have to decide which of the precious items you’ve been carrying across Canada for the last couple of years are really needed, you have to down size on your knick knacks and clothing stashes and you have to start sharing. You get to really learn about a person when you start living with them. Like for instance, the cheese grater that is always in the bottom left cupboard since the day you moved in, will sometimes migrate to the top right corner if you let someone else unload the dishwasher. Or the maple syrup that you always kept in the fridge after opening, will now be living in the pantry cupboard instead. While it may have its challenges, the moments spent curled up together on the couch, reminiscing at the end of the day, make every bit well worth it.

When I moved into Dan’s house from my tiny little apartment in the city, I really didn’t think I had that much stuff. Moving day came, and as box after box was loaded into the trailer I realized maybe I was mistaken. I had the essentials, like plates, silverware and glasses which we integrated into what Dan already had in the cupboard and wrapped up and put away any extras. Anything cushion like thing that couldn’t be washed was thrown away moving day. I said goodbye to my old ass mattress, my lovely papasan cushion and all my pillows. I had a cat while living in Lethbridge and Dan having his allergies, everything with fur had to go. Then there were the boxes of clothes. Maybe I had some donations to make?

Nine months later and I really think that we’ve done well at incorporating my things, keeping his things and adding new things. When Dan’s mom came to visit for the first time we talked about how hard it could be settling into a new place and getting it to feel like your own space. She referred to this as nesting, and I loved the term.

So, just this past week, after a little coaxing and sweet talk, I had Dan convinced to let me complete my “nesting” by painting the living room. He was a big help. He did all the puttying up of old holes in the wall, helped me to tape all the edges and set me free. What was once a horrid orange colour, has now turned into a lovely warm Maple Sugar. It feels so much more cozy! We changed up some of the light fixtures, moved some things around, added some new pillows to the couch, hung up new pictures and now, well now it really is feeling like home. I cant help but smile every time I walk into our living room.

Next, we’re on to the kitchen! Stay tuned for what colour we’ve picked out there!