In the fall I had decided to take up knitting. It started with arm knitting, then Dan built me a nice little stand type loom, and now I am happy to say I have also moved on to needles!

The arm knitting and the stand knitting were a piece of cake. Within a month or so I had been able to knit up several blankets, from lap throws to bed throws; I was on a roll. I am happy to say that this week I sold my very first blanket and sent it out today in the mail! May this be the beginning of sales for me.

My Mom had done a little cleaning out of her knitting supply and had mailed me a variety of needles and yarn to try my hand with. Knitting on needles is a little tougher than what I had gotten used to, but a few YouTube videos and Facetimes with Mom later, I was set. I practised all the different types of stitches, from straight knitting, to ribbing with knits and purls, a garter stitch and the seed stitch.


I attempted my first scarf which I am making into a cowl type and am very proud of how it turned out for my first go. It is by no means perfect, but I love the pattern and colours. I am just waiting on some funky buttons to arrive in the mail and it will be a finished project.

Yesterday I began work on yet another blanket, this time with a very nice and cozy alpaca yarn that I was able to find on sale on-line. Its going to be a nice one! Once I get this blanket finished, I will be on to socks! Yes that’s right. While home visiting my parents in January I picked up some small double sided needles for specifically knitting socks. Now to find the perfect yarn! I have a yarn in mind, but this darn exchange rate at the moment does not make finding and shipping yarn offline very cost effective!