Yesterday was a record day for us for eggs! We have a total of 11 hens now in the coop with one rooster, and for the first time yesterday we got ten eggs. That means we only had one slacker.

Two weeks ago we had dewormed and deloused the entire flock, just to be cautious. We had to hold off eating any of the eggs for the last two weeks to let the drugs run their course, so our dogs got to eat out on scrambled eggs for breakfast each morning. We have some spoiled ladies!

With the beautiful weather we have been having I figured it was as good an opportunity as any to give the coop a good clean out. The ladies have been good at using the top roost for most of their dirty business (pooping), and so the floor of the coop wasn’t so bad. Three wheelbarrow loads later, the coop was empty for the first time since winter started.


We use a layer of peat moss, followed by wood shavings and finally a bedding of straw on the floor, roost and boxes. This morning you could tell everyone had been scratching away checking out all the new bedding. I think they approve of my cleaning job. They will be good now until the Spring for an entire coop clean out.

We are getting such a variety in size and colour of eggs, its always so exciting collecting in the morning. I couldn’t be happier that we decided to dive into the chicken world, and I wouldn’t give up my farm fresh eggs for any store eggs. Below is a picture of the biggest eggs size we get compared to the smallest, as well as their yolk sizes. Our big Cochin mommas are delivering us jumbo eggs while our little bantam Silkies give the smaller.