What a year 2015 was!

This past year marked my second year as an Albertan. It came with many changes and its fair share of obstacles, but I wouldn’t change for a minute where it brought me for 2016.

I’ve moved from East central Alberta, to the most southern part of the province and back up again to West central Alberta. I’ve made many new friends and even had the pleasure of welcoming in a new family to my life, The Burches.

I moved in with my boyfriend, finally fulfilling  my dream of one day having my very own farm. We put a lot of work into our gardens and fruit trees this last summer. Fall was spent putting up fences with a great anticipation for Spring. And of course we cant forget about the days we spent building our first chicken coop, and the rewards of having farm fresh eggs from our hens.

From health scares with family members, to wonderful and exciting trips to new places, 2015 is a year to not be forgotten.

Moving forward to 2016 is exciting. New beginnings, new projects and new places are all awaiting. I am excited to see what 2016 holds in store for Dan and I. I’m still not sure he knows what he’s gotten himself into, but my Christmas present has reassured me that we are in this together for the long run…and I cant wait for all the sales in the spring!

Stay tuned….2016 is going to be a year for farming!trailer.jpg