The holiday season has come and gone once again, and I figured it was about time I got back on here and gave everyone an update.

We had a lovely Christmas here at the Burch house, complete with my first real tree of my own IMG_20151214_143312and of course lots of snow. My decorations turned out just as I had been hoping, and the rustic theme of my tree was on par. We may have battled a little with the tree at first ( I think it fell over a total of four times before we finally had it secured and steady in the stand) but it was beautiful. 20151219_182937

We hosted our second annual Christmas party, which included Dan’s now traditional bacon wrapped turkey. We spent a great evening with friends. Dan and I had decided this year to collect leftover grab gift items and donate them. We had a full box that we took into town for a family in need.

It was my first Christmas season away from my family in Ontario, but thanks to the the Burches, I felt right at home. Thank goodness as well for technology these days, I was able to facetime with Mom and Dad on Christmas evening, and of course see my Miss Jean.

We travelled to Fort McMurray to visit Dan’s Mom, touring around the city, checking out the sights and the amazing Rec centre they have there. We got in lots of games and catching up, and I even found myself a chicken souvenir to bring home.

Christmas eve was spent IMG_2704at Dan’s dad’s farm. We had a lovely turkey dinner, followed by funny movies and a sleepover at the ca
bin. Christmas morning we did our gift exchange down at the cabin. It was beautiful. What a place to spend Christmas. We were all assigned a onesie to wear; I was a unicorn and Dan was a penguin.

The past couple of days have been spent relaxing, tidying up and just enjoying each others company. Its nice to have some holiday time with Dan before he has to get back to work. IMG_20151210_095120

The chickens are well and also enjoyed Christmas, getting all the left over buns and veggies. The girls of course love any big meal we have as they also get to indulge in lots of yummy leftovers.

It was a great Christmas with great family and friends.

Dan and I are off on our next adventure for the New Year…Newfoundland! One of Dan’s good friends is getting married on New Years Eve so were are surprising him. I am sure it will be a great trip.

We will catch up again in the new year. Happy holidays to all and all the best in 2016!!!