This being the first Christmas at the house, I am very excited. I am respectful and wait to decorate until after Remembrance Day, but let’s be honest, this year I am biting at the bit to get started.

Dan’s tradition is to go and out and get a real tree to set up and this is something I plan on keeping around for the rest of time. I love real trees. The smell, the sight, the nostalgia of having nature right in your home.

I’ve decided on a rustic Christmas theme. Plaids, outdoors, antlers, greens and deer. I’m thinking it will be a real show stopper. I have spent the last couple of days out in the bush cutting down small trees and then cutting them into disks and sanding them down for tree decorations. I found some cute stamps, sealed them up and topped them off with a piece of ribbon or twine. I think they’ll look just splendid on the tree.



Here’s a sneak peek!