It’s official…Winter has arrived.

It started last night after dinner. We were driving home from the farm and the snow began to fall. Not even small flakes, we’re talking chunks falling from the sky! Most of it was melting as it hit the ground so I wasn’t sure what to expect in the morning.

When I awoke, WHITE!

I love the first sIMG_20151102_090605 (2)nowfall. When everything has a light covering, the trees branches are covered and nothing has been disturbed. There is nothing more beautiful. Out here in the country it is even better. I am so excited for my first winter here.

I was curious how the chickens would take it, it wasn’t cold enough to be worried about them but we will be needing to get on the ball winterizing2015-11-02 09.11.26 (2) the coop. When I went out to feed and water them, I was surprised to find them out and about in the run checking things out. We are planning on wrapping the run with a sheet of plastic so they can still use their outdoor space this winter without the wind and chill. Also hoping this will help keep the coop itself warmer and more ventilated.

Our girls were also very excited about the snow. They are funny when the cold weather comes, just full of beans. Running, jumping and playing. They are quite the entertainment. IMG_20151102_090120 (2)

I guess we’ll see how much everyone is loving it in February, four months in and with the -40’s I’m sure we’ll be seeing at some point.