Tomorrow marks the official Autumnal Equinox and I find myself very excited for cool evenings, cozy fireplaces and of course a good book to get all caught up in!

What’s better than getting lost in the pages of a good book, curled up by a roaring fire, wearing your comfiest sweater, and sipping on of course, a pumpkin chai tea?! I can’t wait for another good read to come my way.

This summer between tending the garden and building our chicken coop, I picked up Harper Lee’s book Go Set a IMG_20150813_112203
I had read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time in grade five (yes, I was born a bookworm) and again several times throughout high school. I watched the black and white movie starring Gregory Peck and even got to see the live play done in Toronto several years ago. So when this book came out, I was intrigued. It did not disappoint! I spent many countless mornings out on the deck in the sunshine reading my heart out.

My love for reading bloomed from the countless evenings my mom and I would spend in the big chair in our living room reading by lamplight. I had collected all sixty four of the original yellow hard-cover Nancy Drew series and thought it was so neat that this is what my mom had read too as a little girl. I couldn’t be stopped. When the Harry Potter series came out, I was caught on several occasions reading under the bedsheets by flash light. My world had been opened to a whole new sense of knowledge!

With the likes of “Pinterest” and the aid of Google, searching for novels and must-reads is right at my fingertips. Next step…getting a library card here in town!

What was your favourite summer read? What was your all time favourite novel? What would you consider a “must-read”? I look forward to new titles and new reads with the coming of this new season!