What a crazy few weeks it has been here on my end. After deciding to start a blog it seems life got a little hectic and I was consumed elsewhere. But here I am, back and ready to begin!

An unfortunate series of events led me back to Ontario for a visit with family, instead of the planned visit from my parents here at home. I left with a hint of fall in the air, and arrived to a sweltering heat in Ontario. I have lost all my tolerance for any sort of humidity I learned.

I feel as though I have arrived back in the West to Autumn. Which I am totally ok with as it is my absolute favourite season. Sweaters, teas, colours and of course all things pumpkin!

Our poor garden hasn’t faired so well, but I do believe we made out with a pretty good harvest for our first year. Excited to see what we can grow on and improve for next season.

I have also come home to my silly trio of roosters, who now have all learned to crow and are not backing down. Here’s hoping we have some hens in that coop somewhere, I am still waiting on eggs!

Stay tuned…