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The Goaters

In the Fall of 2018, our neighbour had asked us about borrowing a couple pigs to put into her garden to clean it up for the season. Not unlike our own gardens that year, the rain had mostly won and the weeds were thriving and taking over. We had agreed, until we arrived home one evening to find that one of our pigs had got out of the fencing and had been wallowing the day away in the ditch on the side road in front of our house. Chasing a pig down a side road, into your driveway gate, across your yard, through the pasture gate and back into it’s enclosure is NOT an easy task. We managed to get her secured and decided we couldn’t fight with pigs to trailer them over to the neighbours for few days.

So, instead, Dan hooked the trailer up and headed up the highway to help her pick up four little goats to borrow instead. When they arrived at the farm Dan was informed that these little goats were looking for a new home and were actually in fact for sale. He quickly informed our neighbour I was not to be let in on this information. When it came time to load the goats into the trailer, the farmer simply opened the back door of the trailer and threw in a handful of grain, wherein four little goats proceeded to hop one by one into the trailer after it. Dan turned to her and told her not to be expecting these goats back, they were sold.

And so came the first animals to the farm that I didn’t have a hand in procuring, but whom have made this farm their home and our hearts happy! With almost five acres of pen that includes a stream, bush and a fun playground we built, these goats are living their best life. One of my favourite things on a Summer evening is a walk through the goat pen, dogs in tow, followed closely behind by little bleating goaters.

Curly Sue (most commonly referred to as Momma Sue) is the smallest goat of the group. She mothered two of the boys who came with her. She may be small, but she is definietly fierce. Even Hank doesn’t mess with the Mama!

Otto is the largest male in the group, and he definitely likes to throw his weight around. He can be a bit of a bully over treats and definitely likes to hog the food but he has always been very good to us. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining this boy is full of bean, play headbutting and yelling at you across the yard.

Jasper is one of the boys who Mama Sue kidded. He is quite the spitting image of her! He is a gentle boy who loves nose scratches.

Doc was also one of the kids from Momma Sue. Named after the black stockings he had (Doc Martens). Sadly, this past Spring after a trip to the Vet when he was a little off, we learned that Doc was suffering from Liver failure and had to be laid to rest. He is missed here on the farm and more than ever by his friends.

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