Donkey Boys

Our latest species addition to the farm came as a surprise Christmas present from my Father-in-Law. When I opened the barn door on Christmas Eve I couldn’t even believe they were there for me. I immediately broke down into tears.

Two little miniature donkeys! Smilyn Acres Deuce and Prince, registered miniature donkeys.


We spent boxing day hauling over a shelter from the farm and setting up a temporary winter pen for the boys. They came home to our farm just before New Years.

I don’t know how its even possible, but these two donkey boys bring so much joy and happiness into my life. They have such the personalities and are so loving. In the Spring we started letting them out of their pen and they would follow us around the yard as we went about our days. When the vegetable garden started growing we decided we may need to come up with another plan, and so we put out a pen in the pasture with electric fencing and let the boys roam around the back. They love having all that space and grass to munch on.

They have become a big part of our little farm family!

The Boys:

                          Deuce                                                                        Prince

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