A condition that occurs after spending all day in the garden.

I find myself writing this with one week left in the month of June. Where in the world has the time gone and for that matter the month of June?!

IMG_20160624_100554.jpgJune for us is filled with birthdays; from brothers to close friends to both Dan and I, it has been a busy, fun filled month. We started the month off with Dan’s youngest brothers birthday on the 1st of June. We spent a lovely evening in the city with his family, having dinner at The Keg. June 6th followed shortly after and was my birthday. Twenty six was a hard one for me.IMG_20160625_123029.jpg Maybe because twenty five last year sounded so fun and was the quarter century mark. Twenty six just feels old.  My birthday was followed by my parents thirtieth wedding anniversary on the 7th and then my best friend Logan’s birthday on the 12th. Dan’s birthday was this past weekend, the 24th. We had a BBQ here at our house on the Friday evening and then spent the day Saturday in the city, throwing axes and checking out a unique Turkish dinner place. Today, Sunday the 26th, is my good friend Megan’s birthday.

After a busy weekend of go go go, we decided to spend our Sunday a bit in the lazy fashion. We slept in, had a big breakfast, watched a movie on the couch and then couldn’t waste anymore sunshine and headed outside this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, warm weather and sunshine made it optimal garden weeding weather. While Dan took to roto-tilling between the rows, I worked on the rows themselves, picking out thistles, grass and clover between our vegetable plants. It is looking so much better already.

Our garden is in desperate need of some heat and sunshine and a little break on the rain. IMG_20160622_214711.jpgSome of our plants have slightly yellowed due to all the moisture we have been having. But this hasn’t stopped it from flourishing and we already have several plants flowering and getting ready to offer us up the fruits of our labour. We have big yellow flowers on some of our squash, pumpkin and cucumber plants. Our strawberries have also began to re flower and I even have a Cosmo flower with a little pink bud. In the flower bed, I have one peony bud that the ants have been busy chewing away on to open.
I also started a hanging basket with morning glories that have already started to break soil and sprout. And our sun flower row…look out! We have so many seedlings and I am so excited for a big tall wall of sunflowers.

IMG_20160621_205039.jpgOur fruit trees aren’t having their best year. We are not sure if it was due to the late frost we received while there was buds, if they didn’t get pollinated enough or if perhaps all the moisture is to blame. thankfully we do have several trees with little baby apples that seem to grow each time we see them. Now we have to be very diligent in getting them picked before the birds can get to them!


Needing a break from the garden, we hopped in Randy and went for a drive out back on our property to put up a new trail camera Dan got as a birthday present. We decided to put it back by where we believe their to be a den of sorts. We still don’t know what animal it houses, but we have had several lynx sightings. Hopefully this will help us to solve the mystery. We made the loop around and collected cards from our other two cameras we have set up. I love getting back home and turning on the computer to see what lovely creatures have happened across our land. Just in the last month we have had a bull moose, a cow elk and her calf and a plethora of deer spotted on our cameras.

This evening will be a quiet one as Dan and I get back to work tomorrow. I am glad to have Tuesday and Wednesday off so I can get back in the gardens for more weeding. The work is never ending when you have gardens and animals to tend to.

Speaking of…stay tuned for a chicken update later this week!