And so it begins

I don’t think IMG_20150918_181818Dan has realized the trouble he’s gotten himself into, but today marks the day that we started putting in our fence line!

For now we are doing an outline of part of the property which the house and garage sit on, along with a small parcel of pasture. In total we are outlining 16 acres…to start.

Dan gathered up the supplies we needed, including posts, wire and and nails, and this morning the men arrived with their tractor and post pounding machine. We are putting page wire onto metal posts with a top line of barbed wire…for horses someday (words directly out of Dan’s mouth which I think I should have made him sign something for for proof later).

We decided to get going on the project to help keep our dogs more situated here at home, but I can’t wait until Spring when we can start to fence off the pasture and fill it with creatures!

Alpacas and goats and donkeys…oh my! This is truly the beginning of our little farm and I couldn’t be more excited!

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