Pickling Princess

This is the first year I’ve had an opportunity and the resources to be able to do some of my own canning and preserves. Our garden is overflowing with carrots right now and with an over abundance to eat and feed to the chickens…I’ve decided to try my hand at pickling them. I decided on a dill recipe I found, where else but on Pinterest.

Now my first task was to try and pick the little ones out of the garden, because we have pulled a few enormous monsters out of there this year. When we planted in the spring we weren’t planning on everything working out so well. Needless to say, everything is bunched together and so crowded. Not complaining, we had a wonderful year for carrots! However, this makes picking them out of the ground a task to say the least.

I was able to get a fair amount, scrubbed them clean and away we went. In total I made 8 jars of pickled dill carrots. I think I did OK. Considering we have no canner and I haven’t done anything like this before. Lets hope my hot water bath worked!

Next was to use up the three, yes only three, cucumbers I was able to grow this year. A goal for next year to get more than that growing. I decided with only a small amount I would try my luck with a jar of bread and butter pickles. It smelt right, looked ok and I’m pretty sure sealed alright.

So, one jar of pickles and eight jars of carrots. I think I made out alright for a first timer on canning! I’ll let you know later this winter or spring when we have the nerve to open them and try them out!


Any tips or tricks? Recipes you’d like to share? Experiences with canning? I’d love to hear.

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